Hot spring district Sounkyo, in Kamikaw-cho Hokkaido, is shrouded in deep vapor.

A hot spring hotel HOTEL KUMOI, standing in Mt. Taisetsu,

is waiting for your visit.

2 hours car ride from Asahikawa Airport.

Sounkyo of hot spring district standing at the base of Mt. Taisetsu.


Cloud covering the sheer cliff, fog vailing, splash from the waterfall, steam rising from hot spring...


This beautiful and mystical town like a wash drawing of 

"Kamui-mintara" in Ainu language meaning 

"the garden where gods play"

is the stage of HOTEL KUMOI.

In the dense and dark mountains of Hokkaido

wild animals running through a thick fog.


This town gathered all the beginnings of Hokkaido

with solemn scenary and majestic nature.

HOTEL KUMOI incorporated this atmosphere

of this mysterious town in every aspect, 

and hoping to be a hotel where guests, whom visited Sounkyo,

can taste a distinct personality of the town.


HOTEL KUMOI is waiting for your visit in Sounkyo.

HOTEL KUMOI was born fully renovated from a hot spring hotel which was passed down for generations here in Sounkyo.


We are putting efforts on making a hotel which consists the atmosphere of the area.

We decided to make a concept focused on not just about Hokkaido, but also a sign of Sounkyo in the air.


Where we destinated was "Vapor".

Steam vaporing from hot spring, cloud covering the sheer cliff, fog vailing the mountains, splash of the waterfall...

In the scenery that we saw in Sounkyo, there was always a smoke of water floating in the air.


Please enjoy the atmosphere of the town,

where transforming and blinding us, and inviting us into a different world, 

here at HOTEL KUMOI.


Hotel / about

HOTEL KUMOI was born after renovating "Hotel Kumoi", which was operated for a long time and closed in Sounkyo. Retaining old hotel's atmosphere, our new HOTEL KUMOI, with a concept of "Vapor" , added a bar, cinema, hookah, and billiyard. Not only our guests but local people can also come over during the night.

Rooms / staying

The rooms in HOTEL KUMOI are all Japanese-style room. Being able to rest in a futon on a tatami, we are hoping you can enjoy Japanese hotel from past days.

Dinner&Breakfast / meals

Supervised by chef Mr.Tamura, for dinner with a concept of "Vapor", we serve Japanese and Western styled plates. For breakfast, a continental meal of Hokkaido ingredient will be served.

Waterpipe / hookah

In HOTEL KUMOI, you can enjoy hookah supervised by hookah café "Iwashi Club". Breathing out water vapor from your mouth is just like a fog in the woods of Sounkyo.

※Only available to guests over 20 years old.

Hotspring / onsen

Sounkyo hot spring is known as one of the Hokkaido's best 5 hot springs. It was called Shiotani formerly, and during the winter time, female farm workers came to relive the weariness of the year. You can enjoy 100% pure sulfur hot spring in HOTEL KUMOI.

Our Story

HOTEL KUMOI was born after renovating "Hotel Kumoi", which was operated for a long time and closed in Sounkyo.


Old landlady whom ran the hotel by herself,

Local citizens whom hoping for rebirth of Sounkyo,

and Youth whom came from outside attracted by Sounkyo.


With hopes of many people,

HOTEL KUMOI became what it is today.