Hotel / about

HOTEL KUMOI was born after renovating "Hotel Kumoi", which was operated for a long time and closed in Sounkyo. Retaining old hotel's atmosphere, our new HOTEL KUMOI, with a concept of "Vapor" , added a bar, cinema, hookah, and billiyard. Not only our guests but local people can also come over during the night.

Rooms / staying

The rooms in HOTEL KUMOI are all Japanese-style room. Being able to rest in a futon on a tatami, we are hoping you can enjoy Japanese hotel from past days.

Dinner&Breakfast / meals

Supervised by chef Mr.Tamura, for dinner with a concept of "Vapor", we serve Japanese and Western styled plates. For breakfast, a continental meal of Hokkaido ingredient will be served.

Waterpipe / hookah

In HOTEL KUMOI, you can enjoy hookah supervised by hookah café "Iwashi Club". Breathing out water vapor from your mouth is just like a fog in the woods of Sounkyo.

※Only available to guests over 20 years old.

Hotspring / onsen

Sounkyo hot spring is known as one of the Hokkaido's best 5 hot springs. It was called Shiotani formerly, and during the winter time, female farm workers came to relive the weariness of the year. You can enjoy 100% pure sulfur hot spring in HOTEL KUMOI.

HOTEL KUMOI | 〒078-1701  HOTEL KUMOI, Sounkyo Onsen, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

TEL/01658-5-3553 FAX/01658-5-3277

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