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Our Story

#vol.1  Encountering Hotel Kumoi

When I was living in Furano, I was introduced to 80 years-old lady

by my acquaintance.

She was a lady protecting her hot spring hotel by herself,

in a middle of Hokkaido, Sounkyo Onsen, at the base of Mt. Taisetsu.

"I love having conversation with guests at the hotel.

I believe this is my calling.

Even though my husband has passed away,

I am so happy to be able to run this hotel."


The hotel is standing on the greatest location, 

close by to Mt. Taisetsu cable car.

There were acquisition brought by other hotels,

but she protected the hotel which was opened with her husband.

However, as it passed 30 years since opened,

it became difficult for her to manage the hotel as she did in the past.

At that time, I was not able to help this lady,

since I was tied up with operating petit-hotel #MELON,

The lady managing the hotel by herself

was always somewhere in my heart.

I heard about the news of the lady closing the hotel,

when I was operating HOTEL SHE, KYOTO, in 2016.

Our company L&G GLOBAL's mission

is "Branding the unmarked land with a box called Hotel".

We don't know how much of a help we can be,

but we decided to inherit this hot spring hotel 'Hotel Kumoi'.

The hotel has total of 50 rooms.

She managed the hote alll by herself until it was closed.

She recieved a reservations by phone calls and faxes,

and assigned the rooms on a paper.

It was phyisically too difficult for her to handle cleaning servise

and everything by herself and the reviews were not great.


Though, the building itself is spacious and glorious,

and the rooms are warm and comfortable.

The onsen, which lady was particular about, is 

pure sulfur hot spring and gives you glowing skin after the bath.

The location is also perfect, adjacent to the main street.

Inheriting the thoughts, hopes, and history which the lady protected,

I want to make a hotel, not like a plain-vanilla hotel,

but a "CHILLing Hot Spring Hotel".

I have to overcome a deficit, but enjoying adversity,

CHILLing Hot Spring Project had started.

#vol.2  Youth in Sounkyo

will be available soon

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